PACE Org of Rhode Island

PACE Org of Rhode Island

“We have utilized Capstone for numerous projects over our most formative years of operations.
I have always found them to be respectful, knowledgeable and insightful. From the presentation of information to the analyses of our data as it compares to other PACE programs nationally. Capstone offers such relevant data reports, analyses and offers valuable correlations that our staff could not have put together ourselves due to limited time, knowledge base, skill set and/or resources.

They have become an extended member of our PACE family, attending to the details that help us run the utilization side of patient care. I would strongly recommend their services to any other Organization that is looking to raise their bottom line, maximize their reimbursement and/or just make better clinical correlations between CMS compliance and documentation.

We have utilized their training sessions for not only our Medical and clinical staff but also for our management staff and IDT in order to foster a better understanding of where our reimbursement comes from and to correlate the importance of good clinical care backed up by solid documentation. It has done wonders to increase the awareness of our PACE IDT and clinical staff….I hear echoes of Dr. Schamp everywhere in our team meetings!!!”

– S. Balassone, PACE Org of Rhode Island