Meet the CareVention Consulting Team

Dorothy Ginsberg

Senior PACE Consultant

Dorothy works with pre-operational clients throughout the development  process, supports existing programs with expansion, training, and support,  and consults with states that are introducing PACE. She has provided training and consulting services to over 25 PACE programs in more than 15 states. Prior to her consulting role, Dorothy spent 20 years in community-based healthcare programming and led the development and implementation of PACE in New Jersey. In 2011, Dorothy was the recipient of the National PACE Association’s Public Service Award for her efforts in bringing PACE to New Jersey. She is a Certified End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium trainer and a sought-after presenter on home and community-based long-term care. 

Dorothy GInsberg

Sharon Hilton

Senior PACE Consultant

Sharon works with organizations in all stages of PACE, including exploration, development, and implementation, and she supports PACE sites to ensure compliance and operational consistencies. Specifically, Sharon leads and supports new and expansion applications and processes, educates, and provides PACE model coaching and training. Additionally, she conducts mock audits and problem-solves to ensure best practices and compliance to mitigate financial risk. Sharon’s 15 years of PACE experience include working in programs as compliance officer, center manager, executive director, and as a senior PACE consultant for programs across the United States. Sharon graduated magna cum laude in Business and Information Systems from Northeastern State University.

Jenn Ovide

Senior PACE Consultant

Jenn works with PACE programs in all stages of growth. Prior to joining CareVention Consulting, Jenn gained operational and leadership experience with large PACE programs in Virginia and Pennsylvania, including in roles as center director and executive director. She has successfully led teams through consolidations and acquisitions, audits, training, and more. Jenn has expertise in the development and implementation of corrective action plans, building and training interdisciplinary team members, audit preparation, and organizational operations and workflows. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.

CareVention Consulting is a Technical Assistance Center (TAC) member of the National PACE Association (NPA). For information about services email or call 1-866-335-3413. 

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