Medicare Part D Consultation

For our PACE clients, the Capstone Performance System’s Medicare Part D Consultation will ensure an organization’s current Part D processes will survive a CMS audit. We offer specific guidance for all Part D audit elements with a focused review that assesses the relative strength or weakness of each element. The overall goal is to develop a winning strategy and a solid Part D review process that will meet the CMS required monitoring and auditing standards for Part D.

This independent review consists of analyzing all Part D-related audit elements and processes over a period similar to the audit cycle that CMS will utilize. The goal is to target the key Part D areas with potential compliance implications. The results are summarized into a comprehensive action plan focusing on proven compliance strategies for Part D success.

Results from the initial Part D gap analysis are used in the development of a comprehensive Part D guide action plan. This guide (including sample policies and forms) will provide the organization and CMS with the security that the Part D data and processes are accurate.

Capstone’s Part D Consultation provides your organization with process and data integrity. We recommend organizations review their overall Part D process at least once a year.


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