Capstone Performance Systems hires Matthew Zimmerman

Capstone Performance Systems hires Matthew Zimmerman

  • 21 Jun 0
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BOULDER, Colo.–June 24, 2013–Dr. Richard Schamp, CEO of Capstone Performance Systems, announced that Matthew Zimmerman has been hired as a Risk Adjustment Consultant. Capstone Performance Systems works with Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) organizations to optimize Medicare risk adjustment processes and enhance performance, compliance and revenue. PACE organizations are sponsored by Medicare and Medicaid and provide community-based, comprehensive care to frail seniors.

Zimmerman brings a well-developed understanding of all aspects of enrollment and other health plan management functions that impact Medicare revenues. He also has extensive experience working with Medicare Part D management.  In his new position, Zimmerman will help Capstone clients improve their processes to avoid mistakes in RAPS (request for anticipated payment) data management. Zimmerman will play a key role in the evolving analytic services to support clients through meaningful analyses of their data.

“Matthew is an expert in all aspects of risk adjustment business processes, with skills honed in the trenches of working in a PACE environment for 13 years,” Dr. Schamp said. “He adds both depth and breadth to our team and is a rich source of experience and knowledge that will directly benefit our clients.”

Zimmerman is from Denver, Colo. He holds a double major in psychology and sociology from Purdue University.