Altitude Edge forms new business, Capstone Performance Systems, for dedicated Medicare risk adjustment

Altitude Edge forms new business, Capstone Performance Systems, for dedicated Medicare risk adjustment

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BOULDER, Colo. –August 15, 2012– Altitude Edge announces the creation of Capstone Performance Systems, a team devoted solely to the increasing need for accurate Medicare risk adjustment services.

Altitude Edge has been providing risk adjustment services for several years, to Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and similar health care organizations. PACE and similar organizations provide critical care services to seniors so they may remain safely at home.

Altitude Edge created Capstone Performance Systems to devote a complete team to the rapidly increasing need for risk adjustment. Capstone Performance Systems helps PACE and other organizations ensure they are reimbursed by Medicare accurately and fully for the services they provide. Medicare Risk Adjustment can be complicated and challenging; Capstone helps organizations understand these complexities and respond with accurate, meaningful data.

David Reyes, Principal, Altitude Edge Companies, said the time was right to create Capstone. “We have been providing excellent risk adjustment services for years, but the time has come to dedicate a complete team to this growing need. We’re excited to expand with Capstone.”

Dr. Richard Schamp, an expert in geriatric care and PACE, has been named chief executive officer of Capstone. Dr. Schamp is a certified Medical Director and was previously a frequent speaker on evidence-based medicine. He has served on the National PACE Association’s Primary Care Committee and its Board of Directors.

Altitude Edge (
Formed in 2005, Altitude Edge is a unique firm that approaches the future of health care by combining solid strategic analysis and traditional tactics with ideas that help organizations’ reach their peak performance. Altitude Edge helps forward-thinking organizations that support seniors with housing or health care services, including PACE, adult day health centers, retirement communities, assisted or independent living operators, transportation providers and others. Altitude Edge has formed three companies to assist clients: AEC Consulting, Peak PACE Solutions, and Capstone Performance Systems.

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