Risk Adjustment Advisor Newsletter

Our newsletter, the Risk Adjustment Advisor contains important information selected to support members of executive, administrative, coding, and medical staff, teams. In it, you will find the following columns:

  • ‘Risk Adjustment Today’ features updates related to various Capstone-specific analytic reports, CMS, Part D, and other Risk Adjustment-related information.
  • ‘Progress Notes’ provides relevant industry information and company updates.
  • ‘Documentation Dispatch’ highlights tips and techniques for navigating frequently-seen challenges  in documentation and coding. 
  •  ‘Service Spotlight’ features a specific product or service that is designed to help programs achieve greater levels of success. 
  • ‘On Target’ gives recognition and appreciation to featured clients who are illustrating exemplary practices.
  •         ‘News from PEAK’ provides updated information from our Peak Health Plan Management division


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