Progress Notes

Progress Notes

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By Richard Schamp, MD
CEO, Capstone Performance Systems

Capstone is pleased to continue its growth and to support to PACE and other organizations providing care to vulnerable citizens. To better serve our clients, we have recently welcomed several new staff members to the Capstone team with a wealth of experience directly relevant to the needs of our clients. See the article below for more details about our new colleagues. Additionally, be on the lookout for announcements in the coming months as we expand our services designed to support client success. We are proud to be rolling out our Client Success System during the next quarter; be sure to stop by our booth (#12) at the NPA Annual Conference to learn more about how we are aligning resources to improve service delivery. Better yet, join us for dinner (see invitation below).

Richard Schamp, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer

If your PACE organization is selected in the current round of 1/3 financial audits, and if you’d like expert help in preparing for that audit, be sure to contact us – we can help. At the very least, come to Matt Zimmerman’s presentation Ten Easy Steps to Part D Compliance at the NPA conference. He’ll be co-presenting with some of our clients who have been down that road, so some great insights will be offered. See the Conference Notes section below for more details.

October brings the final uphill climb in 2017 for your plan or provider group to achieve the risk scores needed to effectively serve your patients in future years. Be sure to get comprehensive assessments documented on all your participants before December 31, 2017. But even with good documentation, we too often see data leaks, leading to lower risk scores and lost revenue. Continuous oversight and management of encounter and RAPS data at every hand-off between your providers and CMS is critical to your success. At the very least, plans must monitor the process of comparing inbound encounter and RAPS data submissions to the outbound results.

Capstone’s software and services can examine multiple points in your data flow to help identify the hidden reasons why data leaks out of your pipeline. Ask us about Coding Data Integrity Audit for your PACE organization.