PACE is Now Included in the Medicare Plan Finder

PACE is Now Included in the Medicare Plan Finder

  • 26 Jun 0
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On June 24th CMS issued a memo regarding the inclusion of PACE in the 2016 Medicare Plan Finder website and the ‘Medicare & You’ handbook.

This memo urgently requests plan users to validate the accuracy of specific contact data in the Health Plan Management System (HPMS). The primary fields to review/update are in the memo and this data will be used by CMS to update the website and handbook. This is a tremendous marketing opportunity not previously afforded to PACE plans.

Inclusion in the Medicare Plan Finder (MPF) website allows potential participants to search for Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug plans and now PACE plans in their hometown by zip code. By answering a few simple questions potential participants receive a list of available plans including the HPMS data points. Ensuring the accuracy of your data is a priority.  

Take time now to review your contact data in HPMS, as the due date is July 9th.