Why We’re Different

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Our Reputation is Second to None

We have built our reputation not only on having the most knowledge, but delivering it to our clients in a way that shows how much we care. Our team of industry-renowned experts are always available to make sure your staff knows they are supported during any challenge they face. We have a proven track record of helping organizations navigate the complexities of healthcare payment models. We are proud of this record and confident in the services we provide, so you can be assured that we will work hard to help you achieve success.

We Believe in What You Do.

Our select staff of highly-experienced healthcare professionals understand your obstacles because we have been in your position.  We are led by a unique team of physicians, nurses, and other industry experts that understand medical care and medical providers.

We take a full-spectrum approach, specializing in provider training and auditing, to helping you manage the risk adjustment processes in your organization. Our experience and your data drive focused training and feedback to key providers, for the most effective way to improve and maintain optimal documentation and coding.

In addition, Capstone provides high-quality proprietary analytics at multiple levels to support both primary care and management teams in optimizing internal processes.


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