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Importance of External Provider Documentation to validate RAPS data

With the most recent sweep of RAPS data completed, now is the time to re-validate the accuracy of calendar year 2014 RAPS data. Ensuring that proper medical record documentation is on file and readily available is a large part of validating RAPS data accuracy. While the focus is most certainly on internal documentation, external provider documentation should not be overlooked. Considering that some RAPS data submitted is unique to external providers only emphasizes the importance of proper medical record…

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ICD-10 Overview

One of the best things you can do for ICD-10 is be as prepared as possible. There are many free ICD-10 web trainings available and Capstone will be providing its own ICD-10 webinar series beginning July 23, 2015. Please check your email regarding information to register for these webinars making sure to check junk and spam mail.

Some of the changes from ICD-9 to ICD-10:

Specificity- ICD-10 will provide more specificity, thus increasing the code structure from ICD-9’s 3 to 5…

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Capstone’s ICD-10 Webinar Series


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